Terms of service

Prices, photos and descriptions

The selling prices of the products shown on the DGARAGE PARTS website include taxes.

The delivery costs are indicated in the compilation of the cart.The photos show the real product, you must always check the indications contained in the title and description. All the data published in the advertisements are considered valid, except for errors and/or omissions of transcription, in the title, in the price, in the description or in the photo.

Payment methods

The purchases made on DGARAGE PARTS are safe and guaranteed. The payments can be made in many different ways to meet your needs:

  • Bank transfer in advance
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Postepay
  • American Express
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Shopify Pay
  • Pick up at the DGARAGE PARTS headquarters

Furthermore, we remind to you that if you need the invoice, you must request it by email within and no further than the same day of the purchase .


    The buyer acknowledges that the sold goods (in the case of used goods) may have performance limits and functional and/or structural defects associated with previous use.

    The parties agree that the supply of the material is guaranteed in compliance with the general warranty conditions set out in the civil code. The guarantee on the goods expires if the customer, without the prior written authorization of the DGARAGE PARTS, has directly and/or request to third party assembly and/or disassembly and/or replacement of parts.

    In case of validity of the warranty, the customer will have the right to the replacement of the damaged products only and exclusively upon return of the same in the same conditions in which they were shipped, being excluded the customer's right to refund for any damage, even further. If the goods are returned by the customer to the selling company, the former must guarantee perfect packaging, assuming all responsibility in the event of the goods being broken during transport. The guarantee does not include any kind of reimbursement for labor and consumables and/or any other accessory expenses. Any refunds for any damage to the customer cannot however exceed the value of the defective product sold.

    The warranty for defects offered does not work when:

    ● product codes or serial numbers are altered, canceled, removed or made illegible;

    ● the product has not been installed by professional, specific and authorized operators;

    ● the product has been repaired or modified by unauthorized personnel, before DGARAGE PARTS has been able to carry out the technical verification;

    ● the technical verification finds that the defect of the product derives from negligence or neglect in the installation and/or use and/or maintenance;

    ● the product, deemed defective by the customer and returned to DGARAGE PARTS, arrives at the DGARAGE PARTS office without suitable packaging.


    In case the customer wish to proceed with the withdrawal of the purchased product, he must send a written communication within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods.

    The communication must be addressed upon notice by email to info@dgarageparts.com, the withdrawal is allowed within and not later than 14 days from the receipt of the goods.

    Then the goods must be returned at the customer's cost and expense. The entire amount paid (excluding shipping costs) will be refunded after checking the integrity and functioning of the goods.

    Used or unpacked items do not enjoy the right of withdrawal, therefore we ask customers to return the products in the same conditions in which they received them.

    Return address:

    DGARAGE PARTS Via Postumia di Ponente 73 35013 Cittadella PD Italy