Have you ever wondered why Ducati?

Have you ever wondered why you chose to buy a Ducati ? What at first glance might seem like a banal question, actually hides some unexpected and interesting background. There are several factors that at the time of purchase could have discouraged you and made you decide to opt for any other brand: it is well known that the reliability of Borgo Panigale vehicles was often criticized and questioned. , the high maintenance costs, certainly higher than the competition offered by Japanese manufacturers, the high cost of spare parts and accessories and finally a list price that was certainly not among the most cheapest on the market. All this could have discouraged you from buying your "red" , but it didn't, let's see why!

First of all, some of the greatest strengths of this house are certainly the style and design, which have distinguished some of the most iconic motorcycles ever conceived: from the 750 Sport of the 70s, passing through the Monster and the legendary 916 designed and developed by Tamburini. In short, the Ducati style is unique and long-lived, the great classics of the past always keep up with the times and still make their mark, while the new models seem to be ahead of the times. Another foundation of the Ducati nowhow lies in the quality of the components and in the care with which each bike is assembled and followed during the production process. To distinguish each model of the Bolognese house there is a research and development factor that precludes the lack of reliability of the two-valve models of the 90s so criticized. So now it can be said with certainty that in terms of quality and guarantee of performance, Ducati is second to none, this does not mean, however, that they are motorcycles that can be neglected or mistreated, in fact they still need a certain care in maintenance. and periodic checks to ensure correct operation and always top performance. Then we come to what really makes our heart beat: the Ducati twin cylinder! A mixture of technology and engineering that led Davide, with his two-cylinder engine, to compete and beat the Japanese Goliaths several times and in several championships characterized by 4-cylinder engines, less grumpy and more linear engines, but with a lower output. powerful and much more docile. The torque and the back of the Borgo Panigale twin cylinder lend themselves to being perfect qualities to make the most of our motorcycles in an area full of mountain passes and roads. Last but not least is the sense of belonging that the Ducati world manages to convey. The Emilian brand through various means that can be recognized in the DOC (Desmo Owners Club) clubs, more than 600 in the world, on the weekends when Ducati events are organized, during the WDW (World Ducati Week) where thousands of fans of the brand flock to the Misano circuit for a week entirely Ducati, but also the various Grands Prix, especially during the Italian one held on the Mugello circuit, between Bologna and Florence, Ducati reserves 4000 seats for enthusiasts, of which 600 are occupied by company employees. But it doesn't stop there: Ducati fans can also visit the Borgo Panigale factory, where they can access any area, except for the Ducati Corse which remains secret. The factory has been transformed into a real place of worship for the tribe. Last but not least, the possibilities to customize your motorcycle are really many: Ducati Performance accessories and after market spare parts are available at various independent stores and dealers, in order to make your bike unique and unmistakable.

In conclusion, we can say that buying a Ducati means, in several respects, becoming part of a real family in which you can breathe a constant passion for engines and for the beautiful reds of Borgo Panigale, which they know how to give us. moments of indescribable joy.

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