Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Dear Santa Claus,

another year has passed and… we have done our best to be as good as possible. Of course, we bikers are a bit naughty and every now and then we have a prank. But we think that you too, with your sled, when you deliver gifts to the whole world, probably get some "revving". In short, we count on your understanding and we promise that next year we will try to be even better.

Thanks for all the gifts of this one 2022: in home Ducati we had fun like crazy, at the EICMA we won the most beautiful motorcycle award of the Show with the new one Diavel V4 and always there, we were able to see the future with the new electric Ducati V21L. All in all, even the races weren't bad at all Superbike, we dominated both the drivers scene with Alvaro Bautista, and the constructors scene with the team of the Reds, but what is even more fabulous WE WON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! -Pecco- Francesco Bagnaia has worked wonders this year in MotoGP, but the team was no less, in fact we won both first place in the constructors' and teams' standings…in short, we took everything this year and hopefully it will only be the first of a series. The Red did it right amuse, 2022 hasn't been an easy year for everyone, we can only hope for a better future.

December 25th is almost upon us, we at DGarage hope you can spend a peaceful day with your family and surrounded by the people we love most (at least this is the wish!).

We'll get back to thinking about the bike in the next few days, hoping to have time for a few laps, weather permitting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the DGarage family


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