Talking about DGarage Parts...

DGarage Parts, a well-established reality, represents a professional point of reference for its Ducatisti customers, in the spare parts and accessories market for Borgo Panigale red cars. Numerous pieces available, all carefully checked and ordered in stock before being offered to the customer.

But let's take a step back and understand how this spectacular activity was born!

The passion of the founder Danny Rizzato was born around the age of twenty, and the first bike came soon after: a beautiful Ducati Monster 600 from 1996. During the following years Danny worked at the family company, while not neglecting his great interest in the Bolognese twin-cylinder engines, while also continuing to update his Monster with different and precious accessories to make it even more unique. He then enriches his collection with numerous other Ducatis such as the Diavel Carbon, SBK 1198 ... In the meantime he meets a new friend with whom to share his passion for the reds of Bologna, and stocking up on the latter's small warehouse, Danny decides to perform a meticulous restoration of their vehicle, customizing it only with original Ducati Performance parts and accessories. Shortly after he chose to leave the family business to take a new path: joining his friend's team in the sale of motorcycle parts and accessories.

After an experience that lasted three years, he decides to go further by giving precedence to passion and love for his work and for Ducati. Finally, driven by the somewhat provocative question: "Do you want to set up your own business?", DGarage Parts begins to design what will later become reality, starting with the creation of the name and then the logo, in pure Ducatista style, up to the choice of place where the business would develop and grow.

To date DGarage Parts boasts a well-stocked warehouse of over 400 square meters near the center of a beautiful town like Cittadella.

What can I say ... come and visit us to share this great, red and overwhelming passion with us!

DGarage Parts