Ducati accessories? Beware of counterfeits!



Are you thinking of buying an accessory for your fabulous Ducati?

Before adding the product of your desires to the cart, we advise you to carefully evaluate the characteristics that distinguish it.

More often than not, we come across accessories finished (almost) to perfection, reproduced in such a similar way to the originals as to deceive even the most astute eye of a passionate Ducatista.

People who, like us, love the world of motorcycling are willing to spend significant amounts of money to enjoy the quality of a product, which however can sometimes turn out to be an imitation or a replica, far from the guarantee standards offered by companies. 

With the increase in online purchases, the fake market has become even more widespread, encouraging customers to follow useful advice to distinguish a counterfeit accessory from an original one.

But let's take a step back: what is counterfeiting?

"Counterfeiting" means affixing already registered trademarks or distinctive signs to poor quality products, in such a way that the products themselves are mistaken for originals. 

We remind you that the law in force in the penal code provides for administrative sanctions both for those who market or put into circulation counterfeit products, and for those who buy them.

We must therefore not underestimate the risks that are run by purchasing products whose origin is dubious or unclear; for this reason it is always necessary to verify the authenticity of what you buy by paying attention to a series of clues, such as:

  • the quality of the product;
  • the manufacturing technique (for example: carbon weave);
  • the brand and its authenticity;
  • the asking price (attractive but probably a sign of poor quality);
  • the places of sale (be wary of products that are marketed by unauthorized sellers).

What to say, we therefore advise you to evaluate the sellers and the products on the market very carefully, in order to ensure you purchase original Ducati accessories!